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eComitee – Platform
for eParticipation.

Better solutions arise when people think together.
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Create your own virtual workspace where you can set up discussions for teams or large groups.

You can invite participants, ask questions, collect and discuss ideas. You can put texts up for discussion and moderate these discussions efficiently.

Work together in a more open, democratic, inclusive way!

Our first goal was

to collect as many and good contributions as possible through participation.

Then we realized what eParticipation is really about:

creating a virtual space where participants can orient themselves, merge views and create something new.

Because when people think together, better solutions arise.

Public and private workspaces & discussions.

eComitee offers you a secure cloud solution for online discussions.

All services include 256 bit TLS encryption and daily backups.

Attract participants for the discussion.

Send invitations via email.
Create a landing page for your discussion with just one click.
Updates and automatically generated notifications keep everyone in the loop.

Assign managers and moderators to a discussion.
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Receive from participants:
New posts Comments Amendments Approvals
Post issues, concepts, and documents for discussion. Share and develop ideas and texts to make concrete progress. With constructive digital debates, eComitee creates a new quality of inclusion: the participation of all invited members, without restrictions of time and space.
Different view options , for a better understanding of how the discussions evolve.
Special modes allow participants to comfortably immerse themselves in the texts of the discussions.
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Desktop & Mobile.

eComitee is available on desktop and mobile devices.

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If you want to look around and participate in discussions first. Many public discussions are in search of knowledge and experience.
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